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About Skyhooks Solutions

Skyhooks High Access Solutions was formed in 2007. Built on principles of high of quality, integrity, professionalism, and safety; the company grew slowly, ensuring the values which are the bedrock of the operation did not get lost along the way. From humble beginnings Skyhooks High Access Solutions has grown into a national leader in the height access and maintenance industry, continuing to provide excellent services in Melbourne and across Australia.

In 2018, building on the success Skyhooks High Access Solutions, Skyhooks Industry Training was conceived.

Aiming to become a leader in rope access and rope related trades training in Melbourne. Our state-of-the-art rope access training center features realistic industry obstacles, current equipment, and quality learning material. Out of which, our expert instructors provide exceptional SPRAT accredited rope access training.

Driven by a student focussed approach, and an aim towards safety and practicality, our training program raises the standard of rope access training in Melbourne. We also provide services which assist prospective technicians in navigating the SPRAT direct entry and conversion processes.

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for inquires and further information.

SPRAT – Rope Access Worker

No previous experience is required to enroll, although any form of rope or work at heights knowledge is an asset. A Level 1 rope access worker shall have the training and qualifications necessary to conduct basic rope access operations and rescues, under the direct supervision of a rope access ...

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SPRAT 2 – Lead Rope Access Technician

SPRAT requires at least 500 hours and six months of documented industrial rope access experience as a Level one technician or equivalent. A rope access lead technician shall have the training, qualifications, and experience necessary to conduct more complex rope access operations and rescue. Inclu...

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SPRAT 3 – Rope Access Supervisor

SPRAT requires at least 500 hours and six months of documented industrial rope access experience as a Level two technician or equivalent, totaling at least 1000 hours and one year’s worth of industrial rope access experience. Totalling at least 2000 hours and two years worth of industrial rope ac...

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