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Testing and re-certification of Height Safety access systems

It is a requirement that all permanently installed anchors for access, fall prevention systems, and height safety related equipment must be systematically tested and certified annually to comply with the current regulatory framework.

Anchor certification expires one year from the last inspection / installation date and must be retested annually. Anchors must not be used if last inspection date has expired. If they can not be inspected by the expired date they must be tagged with a ‘Do Not Operate’ safety tag and the building manager must be made aware to not allow any further use.

Various methods of testing are employed for the many variations of anchor point or height fall restraint system to a strict guideline set by the industry. The results of each individual anchor or system are documented and this documentation and report, along with a certificate of competency will be issued to the buildings management at the completion of a successful testing process.

Along with installing Height Safety Systems, Skyhooks High Access Solutions is an active Industrial abseiling and specialist access operator, and know first hand the importance of safe and efficient height access system.

Let us provide a proposal for the audit of you system today and off peace of mind.